Our gastronomic offer is based on mixing traditional cuisine and creative cuisine, always looking for deep flavors and surprising creationsSee more


Tradition, product, creativity and taste, blend in one concept in the Etxanobe, with a mission to captivate and satisfy our guests.See more

Set menus

We have different tasting menus to provide a first and handy approximation to our kitchen and our emblematic dishes.See more


In the Etxanobe we understand our work as a tool to grow as persons, improving day to day, finding new ideas, developing team work, creating a professional atmosphere. These are all ingredients to achieve those positive feelings we look forward to transmitting to our guests.See more

Fernando Canales

Chef Fernando Canales Etxanobe is passionate about his profession. Directs Etxanobe since 1998.

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Mikel Población

Mikel Población Unda nace en Bilbao en 1973. Titulado por la escuela de Leioa, tras varios stages en restaurantes de prestigio, conoce a Fernando Canales en 1993 y nace una amistad y confianza que le permite dirigir la cocina de ETXANOBE.See more

Paul Ibarra

Paul Ibarra Larrañaga (Barakaldo, 1975) estudió en la Escuela de Hostelería de Artxanda, en Bilbao, entre 1997 y 2000, obteniendo el grado medio y realizando las prácticas en el restaurante del Museo Guggenheim de Bilbao.See more

Zigor Gutiérrez

En 1999 entró a trabajar en el restaurante Etxanobe de Bilbao como auxiliar de camarero, cargo que asumió seguidamente. En 2001 hizo un curso de sumillería impartido en el campus de la universidad del País Vasco-EHU de Vitoria.See more


Spacious dining area with summer terrace and spectacular views
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Main hall

Our hall has three dining rooms which can host up to 90 guestsSee more

Panoramic terrace

We have a terrace which, although it is covered, we use from April to November when the weather allows.

As the restaurant is situated at the top of the building, we have excellent views of the city of Bilbao